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Update on Somerset Waste Partnership Services

We just wanted to give you an update about the Somerset Waste Partnership services, as some services have been suspended or closed until further notice. We are aware that some people without access to social media or the internet have not been able to get these details, so if you know of anyone this might affect, please help spread the word and give them a phone call.

Somerset Waste Partnership are working hard with their contractors and partners, but the coronavirus will unfortunately have an impact on services as staffing levels are affected. They thank you for your patience and understanding.

Here are the affected services:

Suspended – all garden waste collections. So customers do not lose out financially, SWP is extending all subscriptions to take account of the disruption, however long it lasts. So, if disruption continues until the end of April 2020, the new annual subscriptions will last until the end of April 2021.

Suspended – requests for bins, recycling boxes and food waste caddies. Teams will try to deliver those already ordered, but no new requests will be accepted.

Suspended – bulky waste collections. Booked customers will be contacted shortly about refunds.

Paused – the roll-out of the Slim My Waste, Feed My Face campaign so support staff are available for priority work. A decision on delivering the campaign to the remaining areas of Sedgemoor and West Somerset will be taken later.

Closed – all recycling sites.

Find out more and see guidance on how to dispose of personal waste (like tissues and disposable cleaning cloths) if you have Coronavirus symptoms at

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