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Three Weeks of Action - and plenty more to come!

At the start of a new week, we thought you might like an update on the activities of your Community Support Group in Street, so here is a progress report:

Prescription Delivery - Millfield School staff, working as volunteers, have taken on the collection and delivery of medicines for anyone who requests this service.

Food shopping - We offer to shop for anyone who cannot go out and doesn’t have a neighbour or family/friend to help and can now take payment by card over the phone.

Food parcels - For anyone with genuine need for a food parcel, The Salvation Army will provide and arrange delivery. Call 07511 313 339.

New Website - We’ll continue to develop the information we can offer online and have some exciting ideas about linking with YouTube, Street Library and others.

Phone Calls - Four people (Liz, Michaela, Heather & Diana) are taking huge numbers of phone calls every day. As well as requests for assistance and assurance, we are also receiving lots more offers of voluntary help. Thank you.

Volunteers - We now have over 150 names on our volunteer list. If we haven’t contacted you yet, we haven’t for-gotten you and we expect demand to grow as the weeks go on.

Social Media - We will continue to use Facebook to share information as it now has a really good reach across generations. We have recently created Twitter and Instagram accounts too!

Leaflets - Next week we will deliver our second, more comprehensive leaflet in a newsletter style. We’ll print extra so that the post office, banks, surgery and pharmacies can hand them out.

Weekends - Please note that we are trying to give our organisers and volunteers some peace and quiet at the weekends. If you have an emergency situation, one of us will respond but shopping, prescriptions and errands will generally be fulfilled Monday to Friday.

Your neighbours - If you have knowledge of someone living on their own and you have concerns about how they are coping, please send a message which will be dealt with in confidence. Don’t hesitate to ask for help - and if we hear from you that you do not wish to have assistance, that’s fine.

Street Community Support Group comprises of many organisations. In no particular order, they are:

The Churches of Street, The Salvation Army, Millfield School, Local Councillors, Volunteers of the Crispin Community Centre, and Carly Dutton Design & Photography.

We also receive support from your local Councils: Street Parish Council, Mendip District Council, Somerset County Council.

We hope that you are not feeling alone at this unsettling time, and we send you our best wishes.

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