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New Fleet for Somerset Waste Partnership

Have you seen one of the new Somerset Waste Partnership trucks this week? One of our volunteers came across a very friendly crew in Walton who were more than happy to pose for a photo with one of the brand new recycling trucks. We think they look great - the trucks and the crew!

The new vehicles are around 30% more efficient than the previous fleet and also have creative new designs, with brightly-coloured recycling trucks and rubbish collection lorries covered with stunning images from around the county. The introduction of the new trucks comes at a time when Coronavirus is depleting crews and disrupting some collections. We understand it can be frustrating if your collection gets missed, but if this happens please be patient, put your recycling back inside your property, and put it back out the following week – please do not leave containers out or report the missed collection as you would do normally.

To help the crews complete rounds as quickly as possible, please follow the guidelines set out by Somerset Waste Partnership: Rinse containers, squash all but glass and aerosols, flatten and tear up card, sort-segregate materials without using carrier bags, and put out by 7am. All food waste must go in the food waste bin.

The Government has also provided guidance on how to dispose of personal waste, like tissues and disposable cleaning cloths, if you have Coronavirus symptoms.

The guidance is for anyone with symptoms, including those diagnosed with the infection who must remain at home until they are well. It also applies to people in households with someone showing symptoms that may be caused by Coronavirus.

The latest guidance on how to dispose of potentially contaminated waste can be found at

If you’d like to find out more about the new fleet please visit

For the latest updates on Somerset’s recycling and waste services visit or follow @somersetwaste on Facebook and Twitter


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