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Help for Landlords and Tenants

Mendip District Council is urging tenants and landlords in financial hardship or at risk of homelessness to contact them, sooner rather than later.

The Council’s Housing Options Team has professional, knowledgeable officers on hand to provide support and assistance, whatever the circumstances. And they are ready to help those who are struggling due to the coronavirus emergency and its impact on the economy.

Tenants and homeowners may be worried about how to pay the rent or mortgage. Some may fear they’ll lose accommodation that’s tied to their job. Others may be in an abusive relationship during lockdown, thinking they have nowhere to turn.

Landlords with tenancy issues, or suffering financial hardship through non-payment of rent, can speak with Mendip’s Housing Options Team who are experts at resolving tenancy matters, can engage tenants with appropriate assistance and support, and ensure the smooth running of tenancies for both tenant and landlord to avoid costly evictions and potential homelessness.

If you have accommodation that is empty and ready to let, the Council has a number of clients who are looking for homes now. These clients are assessed and affordability-checked to ensure sustainable tenancies are created to the benefit of all concerned. The Council even provides ongoing advice and assistance throughout the length of the tenancy, if required.

Please contact the Housing Options Team if you have accommodation to let and can help with this need. Call 0300 303 8588.

Properties in need of repair and improvement may be eligible for council grants or loans so they can be safely lived in. Property owners should contact the Private Sector Housing Team in this instance, or visit:

Where to get help:

· You can contact the Housing Options Team 0300 303 8588.

· Find advice for tenants and landlords relating to coronavirus here:

· Have you got accommodation empty and ready to let? Call 0300 303 8588.

· Properties in need of repair and improvement may be eligible for council grants or loans:

· Are you, or someone you know, at risk of homelessness? Local services and support are available. Call 0300 303 8588 or make a homeless application online

· Perhaps you’re rough sleeping, or concerned that someone is rough sleeping in Mendip? You can make a referral to StreetLink either online or by contacting the rough sleeper referral line on 0300 500 0914. Visit

· For general advice on landlords and tenants rights and responsibilities during the COVID-19 browse here:

Help our friends at YMCA Mendip and South Somerset

They are currently supporting 96 people (16yrs+) within their Housing Projects across Mendip and South Somerset; some of whom have lost their jobs and who are unable to go to college, or continue with their training. They are grateful for any contributions such as craft items, cooking ingredients, art equipment or gardening resources. They have a Crowdfunding page set up for anyone wishing to donate:

You can follow YMCA Mendip on Facebook ( and Twitter (, or see their website for further information:

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