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Free Professional Psychological Help

The Polish Psychologists' Association are offering free professional psychological help and support during the COVID-19 pandemic via Skype.

All volunteers are Polish psychologists from The Polish Psychologists' Association living

and working in UK.

They are offering support to anyone who has been struggling with negative changes related to the current situation, such as:

- lowered mood level - increased stress levels - sleep problems - fears and fears of the future related to loss of work or financial stability - increased sense of solitude - panic attacks, anxiety ailments and fear, negatively affecting everyday life - obsessive thoughts related to Coronavirus, inability to focus and neglect of other things - general fear for the future

Skype Helpline:

PPA COVID-19 Infolinia

Open everyday 8-9am & 4-5pm

Tuesdays 6-8pm

Wednesdays 4-9pm

Thursdays 7-9pm

Fridays 10am-12pm

Saturdays 4-9pm

Sundays 4-9pm


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