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Covid-19 Update from the Director of Public Health SCC: 09.11.2020

This update is provided by the Director of Public Health, Somerset County Council.

* Significant increase in Somerset positive cases this past week – 95.1 per 100,000. Total of 3,496 detected cases, 46 open outbreaks. * We go in to the second lockdown with higher figures than the previous lockdown, so this action to restrict movement and meeting of people is the right thing for Somerset. * Most significant increase is in Sedgemoor area, being driven by community transmission, particularly in Brean area. Much more red and amber areas on the Somerset map, the higher numbers were just around our borders but are now across the whole county. * Public health officers are working with police to ensure compliance on lockdown restrictions. * R rate for south west is 1.2 – 1.4, updated on 6th November. Somerset is probably in middle of that range. We are catching up with other areas in South West. * SCC keen to take an enhanced role in tracing contacts in Somerset. * All Covid deaths in Somerset = 209. For some time, we had no Covid deaths in Somerset but now we have increasing numbers in hospitals and one death in a care home. The virus is moving into the older part of our population, we have to keep the virus out of vulnerable population, this lockdown has to work for us. * Somerset is waiting for a decision on mandatory face coverings on school transport, with exemptions where appropriate. Support will be offered to schools where needed. This is for year 7 upwards, so secondary/middle school pupils, not primary. * Local hospitals – a more challenging position although still coping. Some transmission within hospitals now, difficult to stop that although good work has taken place in reducing the level of transmission. * Children – not seeing level of transmission in school settings. Schools & parents are moving quickly on isolation of single cases so little transmission is seen between children, particularly younger children, although some between staff.

Update on Free School Meals & Family funding from Govt 09.11.20 Julian Wooster, Director of Children and Families, SCC

Somerset funding is just over £1.5million. Funding will be directed at: • Free school meals, through the schools grant mechanism • Out of school activities • Support for families with new born babies

Thanks for reading, stay safe and let us know if you see any neighbours who need help.

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